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A goal from a fast break is the best psychological cure for conceding a goal.

99% of offence players feel a rush of adrenaline after scoring.

99% of defence players feel disappointed.

We have to teach Zlatko that a moment of carelessness after a goal is the perfect situation to score easily against the team celebrating their goal.

If Zlatko attacks fast instead of feeling bad, he builds character and becomes a better player in a tactical and technical way.

The basic prerequisites for scoring this kind of goal is the ability to throw a ball precisely up to 20 m, as well as the character of the player and the level of his psychomotor speed. Whether we add to this a tactical detail which may help our team is up to us.

Very few teams have 6 players on the court at all times who are able to set and play a defence 7-8 seconds after scoring a goal.

At least one player is celebrating the goal, and he is the weak link.

One player goes from defence to offence.

One player doesn’t return to his place in the defence.

One player misinterprets our attacking intentions in a rush.


If we play it well, we could score an easy goal.


Psychologically, after scoring and receiving a goal from a fast break, our opponents feel like losers, even though both teams scored a goal.


How to prepare for the emotional rollercoaster of an official game?

How to prepare your team so that they feel comfortable in these situations?

A method of learning that we use is:

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