We have the same jerseys, the same tracksuits, the same love of winning, the same way of …
These are just the marks of a club that helps us recognize each other.

Does this make us unique?

It’s something that is easy to organise and learn.

Creating a culture has a deeper effect and makes a more substantial change.

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Tactics, strategy, and culture are the three levels of activity in an organization, be that a team, a club, or a federation.
Tactics are the lowest level.
It is reactive and depends on our environment and opponent.
It includes thinking and acting with a goal in mind:
How to beat somebody?
Strategy is a higher level of action and involves planning and acting based on our own qualities and flaws.
The goal of the strategy is to enhance our own value.

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A man lived near a playground and was greatly disturbed by the noise of kids who came to play.

Whatever he did, he could not get rid of them. He threatened them, tried to make them go, screamed at them, and begged them not to come, but nothing worked.

Then one day he came to the playground and gave each one 5€ and told them he would give them tomorrow the same amount if they came again. For a while, every day when the kids came, he would give them 5€.

When they got used to it, he came one day and said he no longer wanted to give them money to come.

The kids decided that there was no chance to play for free on the playground and stopped coming.

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Michael Jordan did not manage to get a spot in his high school team in the first year.

After high school Dennis Rodman worked at the airport in Dallas, but suddenly he grew tall and at the age of 25 he was chosen as the 27th player by Detroit Pistons.

Together they have won 3 NBA championships playing for Chicago Bulls. In addition, Jordan has won 3 championships with the Bulls, and Rodman 2 playing with Detroit Pistons.

Sport is filled with stories about top athletes who were unnoticed in their childhood.

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Men’s EHF European Handball Championship, Croatia 2018

In the first 12 minutes of the second half, Spain was beating Sweden 8:1. The key element of the game was the deep, aggressive defense based on a quick reading of the game, a takeover of the players, and attacking the ball, not the attackers.

In that period, Sweden had 2 timeouts, they were trying to attack with one and two line players, with 7 players, but the surprise was too great.

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Creating a Society In a Club…

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