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You don’t think you need statistics?

We have created an application that you definitely need.

We didn’t create an app that measures the meters run or the percentage of a player’s shot.

We measure data that the coach does not see in the game, and they are crucial for making good decisions during the game.

Imagine you called time out in the twentieth minute:
Are you interested in which action your team performed most successfully so far? Or have you decided which action you will play “by feeling” after the time out?
You know which back player has scored a lot of goals, but you are interested in which three back players are the most successful?

(Analyzing over 80 Champions League matches, we noticed that in 20% of matches, the most successful trio of back players of the first half did not play at all in the second half because one of them has poorer individual statistics)

Wondering which pivot and line of back players best matches? If you don’t know that, how do you decide which pivot one works best with and which other back players work best with?

Are you interested in how many goals a team scores when a certain player is in the game? We think this is more important than his individual statistics and that is why we measure it.

Of course, in addition to the above, we also measure the percentage of shots of each player and his turnovers.

You decided to make changes in the game at halftime and in the 45th minute, are you interested in the listed data only from the second half?

During the second half, you can choose whether you want to see the data in total, only for the second half or only for the first half.

You compare the way you want.

When the game is over, until the next game you can see on your account everything you entered for the first or second half and the whole game.