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Füchse Berlin – Fenix Toulouse Handball 32:30 (15:12)


Match Analysis


Why is it so important to follow the numbers live?

Fenix started the game extremely badly, losing 1: 8, and the main reason was the unusual inefficiency of the team with the back players line Borzas – Gilbert – Marmier (1/8).

Coach Danijel Andjelkovic reacted logically. He changed the centre back and the team responded well. The team with the lineup of 9m players Borzas – Balenciaga – Marmiel (6/8) played extremely efficiently.

However, the coach changed the winning combination of back players and the team with the lineup Feuchtmann – Balenciaga – Marmier (5/10) played on average and left at halftime with the result 15:12.

Fenix overtook Füchse in the second half but eventually lost.

No one knows if they would have won if the live coach had this information, but we’re sure he wouldn’t have changed such a successful outside line if he had it.

The story of the invisible effect of the pivot on the result, the inspired back players line, and the miraculous blend of 9m players with the invisible pivot

Füchse took the lead 8:1, but lost 28:29 in the 54th minute, only to win in the end.

A win justifies everything, but the question is whether they could have avoided falling behind at the end of the game after a secure lead?

The first part of the answer lies in the distribution of responsibilities between the pivots:

Marsenić participated in 44 possessions and scored 2 goals from 2 attempts,

and Koch participated in 19 possessions with 0 goals from 1 attempt.

If we look only at their individual performance, it is logical that Marsenić played significantly more than Koch.

However, team efficiency was lower when Marsenić played 57% (25/44) than when Koch played 63% (12/19).

Especially the big difference was in the second half when the team played extremely efficiently when was in the game was Koch 75% (6/8), while with Marsenić in the game the efficiency was 56% (13/22).

The combination of 9m players Andersson – Holm – Wiede had an exceptionally good day 71% (20/28) and they played the most. This match is one in a series of those that show us how we coaches are good in assessing the efficiency of 9m players. We see the connection between their efficiency and the result.

What’s interesting is that it’s very hard to see from the bench this connection to the pivot game.

When the combination Andersson – Holm – Wiede played with Koch on the pivot, the team had a perfect efficiency: 100% (6/6).

What’s interesting is the fact that they played 3 possessions in this combination in both the first and second halves. By looking at the numbers it’s hard to understand why they didn’t continue to play together when they were so efficient, especially in the second half when the team started losing.

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